Writing a Letter

A few days ago I published the 52nd edition of CALLING CQ, my (almost) weekly letter for active ham radio enthusiasts and I didn’t want the anniversary to slip by unnoticed.

Launched as an experiment in personal publishing, mostly because home Web pages are dead, all the steam has gone out of blogging, Facebook never appealed to me, and brief missives on Twitter seem best suited for those with short attention spans.

I wanted to craft something else and eventually settled on a weekly letter, delivered via email. I know, the tech elite have declared email dead so often that it has become cliche — only it’s not dead, not by a long shot. Either that, or I’m too stubborn to admit that it’s a failed delivery medium.

CALLING CQ is my effort to collate and share an eclectic mix of things that I think will be of interest to a broad range of radio enthusiasts — with a short dose of personal commentary tossed in for good measure. I don’t cover breaking news — weekly publications can’t do up to the minute and there are plenty of excellent sources for the very latest news about amateur radio.

It’s published (almost) every week and there’s no cost to subscribe. There are no ads and I’m not paid to include links. I make a few older letters available for perusal, but I don’t maintain complete archives because I want you to subscribe and get it in your inbox every week. If you just bookmark a page, you will forget to return on a regular basis (I know).

I use Tinyletter, a service that manages subscriptions and delivery. I get certain stats from them that inform me that our little rebel alliance is doing very well and continues to grow. It’s been gratifying to learn that well over 70 percent of all letters sent are opened and receive attention (link clicks) from readers. That level of engagement is off the charts wicked good for an email delivered periodical and I don’t take that for granted — my readers are the cream of the crop in amateur radio.

Now, enough with the applesauce — on to the NEXT year of personal publishing and CALLING CQ!

Author: Jeff Davis