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Chesterfield TX3XAccording to Wikipedia, Chesterfield Islands is a French archipelago of New Caledonia located in the Coral Sea, 550 km northwest of Grande Terre, the main island of New Caledonia. The archipelago is 120 km long and 70 km broad, made up of 11 islets and many reefs.

Twelve amateur radio operators are planning to invade this island paradise in October using the call sign, TX3X.

Like most modern DXpeditions, keeping up with all the details is easy enough, the operation has a Web page. And big operations like this are expensive. Grants and donations are the lifeblood of any major DXpedition, and while I think we’re all aware that corporate sponsors play a big role, it can be easy to overlook just how big this might be.

Money makes the world go round, and sure, promotional photos with transceivers, amplifiers, antennas and other gear from select manufacturers is good for the sponsors. But I believe these guys really support amateur radio and DXing, beyond lip-service and promos.

I keep a close eye on these details because I prefer to do business with those whose support of the hobby goes above and beyond making a few bucks.

Like these Corporate Sponsors of the TX3X operation:

Elecraft founders Eric Swartz WA6HHQ and Wayne Burdick N6KR will loan the team six K3 / KPA-500 stations for the DX-pedition.

Tim Duffy K3LR and the DX-Engineering team are donating a significant inventory of necessary equipment, including coax, RF connectors, power supplies, telescoping masts, and other essential equipment.

Tom Schiller founder of N6BT.com is providing his Evolution Series of vertical antennas to the project. Tom’s antennas have been used on many DX-peditions with excellent results.

microHAM founder Jozef Urban OM7ZZ, and Joe Subich W4TV of microHAM USA, will loan 7 DigiKeyer II interface units. Along with our Lenovo T410 laptops and N1MM+ we’ll have a fully integrated state-of-the-art networked logging environment.

Billy McFarland GM0OBX donated custom made interface cable sets for the DigiKeyer II interface units. http://www.gm0obx.co.uk/online-shop/4584969897

We are happy to have Wayne Mills N7NG and DX-University as a corporate sponsor.

Northern California DX Foundation
In addition to their generous financial support, the NCDXF will loan us several sets of band pass filters.

Array Solutions
Jay Terleski WX0B is providing a Shared Apex Loop Antenna and offered other support, as required.

6 Meter Antenna
We thank Istvan (Pista) Kolcsey HA0DU for providing a 7 element 6 meter beam.

Author: Jeff Davis


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