Odd Lots

I’ve been off work two full weeks now and the downtime is finally beginning to feel familiar. My long list of chores is only slightly shorter, imagine that. I’m hoping to make some headway on it next week but time flies when you’re napping and otherwise enjoying the good life.

Today our daughter, the youngest of the bunch, graduates from Ball State University. The last of our four to be out of college. I hope BSU can survive without all my money because I’ve been paying tuition since 1998 and now it seems I can finally cut them off for good!

Hard to believe that two weeks from right now I will be walking around Hara Arena absorbing all that is good about amateur radio. My plans are to arrive on Wednesday evening where I will be staying with the QRPers. Thursday is the FDIM event and then Friday morning the gates open at Hara. I plan to attend the AMSAT/TAPR banquet on Friday evening then back to Hara on Saturday morning for another full day before heading home that evening.

30 meters was in good shape a few nights ago when I worked SP85PZK, OK2BUT, SV0XCA/5, YN/WJ2O and OK1PL over the course of about fifteen minutes. I thought SV0XCA/5 was Greece when I worked him but when I uploaded the contact I was corrected, it was Dodecanese, an all-time new one for me.

Hope I can get it confirmed.

Author: Jeff Davis