SKCC Weekend Sprintathon (WES)

Despite the busy, Mother’s Day weekend, I still managed to squeeze an hour of radio play in during the Straight Key Century Club’s weekend sprint.

These are held each month, usually with a theme that can add bonus points. It’s not really a “contest” though the object is to exchange pertinent data with as many other SKCC members as possible over the course of the event.

I’ve always enjoyed this particular sprint because it provides an opportunity to be as casual or as hard-core about it as you care to be. I’d really like to put in a serious effort one of these days, but secure in the knowledge that there’s always another one “next month” tends to keep it light, lively, friendly and fun — for me.

This month (May) was special as it was the 100th edition of the event

I was using the TenTec Eagle (100w) with the center-fed zepp at thirty feet and my N3ZN straight key. I managed just ten contacts, all search & pounce, nine of which were on 40 with just one on 20 meters. Twenty was behaving badly. I could hear a handful of stations well, but none of them could hear me.

I generally work Tony, K6ELQ in California on more than one band during the sprints, but this time we were only able to make contact after several rough attempts. He was my lone 20 meter contact.

States worked: IN, MD, KS, MO, TX, PA, CA, IL. MI, NJ.

That mix included 7 Senators and 3 Tribunes and that was good for a paltry 235 points. I didn’t work any of the bonus stations during the event.

Interesting to me was the high number of ‘Senators’ worked out of ten random contacts. It’s just more proof, as if more were needed, that the club continues to grow by leaps and bounds and active members are racking up award “points” by the fistful.

If you’re interested in CW, and looking for something to dig into, I’d suggest you join SKCC. There’s more than enough action to keep you busy, and the camaraderie flows from these enthusiastic operators like a mountain stream.

Membership is free, your SKCC number is good for life, and the next club event is just around the corner.

Author: Jeff Davis