The Unseen Bean

The Unseen Bean

It was great to see Gerry Leary, WB6IVF offering up his roasted coffee beans at Hamvention once again. A quick “hello” and a couple of bags of his Kilowatt blend have become something of a routine for me. I’ve tried the Contesters blend but I just can’t get an honest signal report from it.🙂

Gerry founded The Unseen Bean in early 2003 with the intention of making the freshest, best-tasting coffee available anywhere. Leary, who is blind from birth, refused to let his sightlessness keep him from becoming a Master Coffee Roaster. He trained in San Francisco at the West Coast Specialty Coffee Company.

Coffee bean roasters typically depend on seeing changes in bean color during the roasting process to achieve best results. Gerry depends on his honed sense of smell, and hearing to know precisely when the batch roast has reached perfection.

Taste the Passion in Blind Roasted Coffee

Being a coffee roaster, and a radio amateur, it only made sense that WB6IVF would combine two passions and wind up on the road to Dayton, Ohio.

If you missed his booth this year, he’ll likely be back next. In the meantime, you could wander into his coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado — or visit his online store and order a few bags of coffee beans that he has perfectly roasted, but never seen.

Author: Jeff Davis


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