The Peony

Somewhere back in my long ago, my Dad was driving past an abandoned house when he noticed a pretty row of blooming peonies in front of the place.

My Mom had always spoken fondly about the peonies that grew around her Mom’s house when she was young. So one day, my Dad stopped at that abandoned house, dug a few of the plants up, and replanted them in his own yard.

It takes several years for transplanted peonies to bloom but eventually they did, and every year after, bringing much joy to my Mom and Dad for many years. Long after Mom died, Dad decided he wasn’t going to continue mowing around or caring for any of the plants in his yard, so he set about trying to eradicate the peonies.

Despite his best efforts to get rid of them, they kept coming back.

My wife finally decided to dig them up and plant them in our yard. For the next four years the plants looked healthy enough, but they never did bloom. We knew it would take some years — but it is said that once they begin blooming, they can live for up to a hundred years.

Yesterday, those flowers burst into full glory. Let the next century begin…

Our Peonies

Author: Jeff Davis