NAQCC West Virginia QRS NET (WVN)

I checked into the West Virginia QRS Net (WVN) last night at 0100 UTC on 7117 kHz. John, N8ZYA is vice-president of the organization and also serves as the primary NCS for this activity. In addition to N8ZYA, I was able to copy four other stations. Scotty, NU0S checked-in from Nebraska so my out of region check-in wasn’t the DX last night.

This is a “directed” net, which means you follow the instructions of Net Control and standard procedures are followed. It’s important to follow these procedures in consideration of others. Everyone gets to check in and make a few brief comments. The exercise provides solid CW net practice in a friendly, QRS environment. The WVN is conducted each Wednesday evening at the same time (Thursday 0100 UTC) and same place 7117 kHz.

Perhaps you will add it to your calendar?

The NAQCC organizes a number of CW nets, QRQ and QRS and this activity can be found almost every night of the week.

Author: Jeff Davis