Odds and Ends

Having checked into the West Virginia edition of the NAQCC QRS net on Wednesday night, I decided to camp on 7117 kHz at the same time last night for the Great Lakes version. K9EYT was NCS and the band was in good shape. Big signals were copied all around and there was enough activity to keep it interesting.

I’ve been spending more time spinning the knob in the 7110 to 7123 region of the 40 meter band. There’s a lot more activity there than you might think. In days of old we avoided that territory due to interference from shortwave stations but much of that has abated. I almost never fail to find someone to chat with there who is frequently using vintage equipment.

Send me a message if you’re interested in a sked there some evening, I’ll do what I can to meet you there.

A week or two ago I decided to sell-off my entire collection of keys and paddles that had grown to over twenty instruments. I kept one straight key, one single lever paddle and one iambic. None were of the “cheap” variety but most had become dust catchers in my shack. I kept the ones that see regular use and sold the rest — the last of the bunch are headed to the post office tomorrow. The endless quest to pare down “stuff” continues in my shack. Minimalism is my new religion.

Brenda and I are headed to northern Indiana this weekend. What we always called the “lakes” region. I last visited the Chain-O-Lakes State Park when I was fifteen years old. I’ll assume it’s changed a little. Smile. Nothing special planned, just want to get away from home and take a look around.

Rental cabins on lakefronts abound in that area and we will do a little reconnaissance for a future, week long excursion. Boating, swimming, fishing, and a reason to buy a Mountain Topper.

Steve, WG0AT makes it look like too much fun…

Author: Jeff Davis