Boat Anchor Regatta


Time again for the monthly Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprintathon.

This month’s bonus theme is the popular Boat Anchor Regatta:

Once again, it’s time for the annual Weekend Sprintathon Boat Anchor Regatta. If your rig has tubes, you’re worth bonus points. Tubes, as in the sum of the tubes in your transceiver or transmitter-receiver pair, and power supply. And if your transmitter’s frequency is set by a crystal instead of a VFO, you’re potentially worth mucho bonus points.

Complete details on boat anchor bonus points are available here.

1200Z, Jun 13 to 2400Z, Jun 14
CW, 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6m
Exchange: RST + (state/province/country) + Name + (SKCC No./”NONE”)
Work stations: Once per band
Points: 1 point per QSO
Multipliers: Each state, province, or country once
Total score: (total QSO points x total mults) + bonus points
Submit logs by: June 21, 2015

Scores and soapbox from the May 2015 Weekend Sprintathon.

Always a lot of fun — and you don’t need a boat anchor or even an SKCC number to get in on it.

See you in the WES!

73, Jeff KE9V SKCC #3383T

Author: Jeff Davis