The Spectrum Monitor


In a recent blog post, Dan KB6NU dropped a link and recommendation to The Spectrum Monitor, a monthly publication available only in PDF format.

It’s edited and published by Ken Reitz KS4ZR, former managing editor, features editor, columnist and feature writer for Monitoring Times. Former feature writer and columnist for Satellite Times, Satellite Entertainment Guide, Satellite Orbit, Dish Entertainment Guide, Direct Guide; contributing editor on personal electronics for Consumers Digest. Author of the Kindle e-books “How to Listen to the World” and “Profiles in Amateur Radio.”

TSM covers a lot of spectrum from long waves to shortwaves and a lot higher. I signed up for an annual subscription ($24US) that gets me all of 2015 — which means I was able to immediately download January thru June. What I have found is a wealth of well-written articles with full-color photos worthy of a glossy magazine publication.

I’m currently reading about monitoring communications of vessels traveling Canada’s Welland Canal, how to build an external BFO for shortwave receivers without them, adventures in radio restoration, and DXing over the air television stations. And that’s just a few notable articles from the latest edition of the publication that includes a whole lot more.

I’ve often thought much has been lost as so many electronic and radio publications that used to fill the periodical shelf at the bookstore have vanished. TSM brings that back together in a single publication that’s affordable and convenient to purchase and consume. I’ve got six issues on my iPad that goes with me wherever I roam — and when the next edition becomes available next month and I’m in Germany, I won’t have to wait to get home to enjoy it!

Individual issues are available for $3US if you want to sample it before subscribing. But I think it’s a safe bet you’re going to want more…

Author: Jeff Davis