EMTRON DX-1SP Now FCC approved


“The NEW DX-1SP amplifier with 1200 Watts CW, 1500 Watts PEP of clean signal output is Emtron’s latest and smallest amplifier. It has all of the renowned functions and features of all other Emtron amplifiers, except the power output. The new FU-728F (4CX-1500B) tube can run 1200 watts key down indefinitely, for as long as you want, or 1500 watts PEP. As this mil-spec Chinese tube quite comfortably delivers 2000 watts CW, the attainable power output in the DX-1SP design is limited only by its smaller power supply and tank circuit! Also, this amplifier is directly compatible with the popular Eimac 4CX-1500B tube. All one has to do, is change the tap on the filament transformer from 9 volts to 6 volts, if the Eimac tube is used! We believe that the DX-1SP amplifier is unique and has no competition in craftsmanship, performance, engineering and price. Due to its light weight of 20kg and small foot print, this compact desk-top amplifier is also ideal for DXpeditions”.

Author: Jeff Davis