Field Day: It’s a great tradition

I did not participate in that first Field Day, but the following June my older brother (W3NF) and I set up a small wall tent in an isolated corner of the family 400 acre farm south of Easton, Pennsylvania, and did a token participation using a ’45 Hartley oscillator powered entirely by batteries and a regenerative receiver using UV 199 “peanut” tubes. We made, as I recall, 12 contacts in the 24 hour period, were devoured by mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects, got little if any sleep — but we were young. I was 20; Ed was 24. We were thoroughly infected with Field Day fever and in subsequent years seldom missed one. My total participation must be around 60 and I still, at age 88, show up at FD with my local club. It’s a great tradition.

— George Hart, W1NJM (ex – W3AMR), Newington, Connecticut
Letter to the editor QST Magazine – October 2002

Author: Jeff Davis