Misguided Migration

Early mornings in my shack are often spent in listening mode. While catching up on email and the overnight news feeds and waiting on the caffeine to work its magic in getting my day rolling, I usually listen to a few nets. One in particular is a fairly large group, mostly concentrated in the northeast. Many of the check-ins are from those who used to live in that region, but have since fled the cold north for nicer weather in the south.

And in recent weeks, this level of chatter has been on the rise because several others have committed to the same move and are now in that process.

Partly because real estate in the northeast has been moving well lately, and that’s fueling dreams of selling the family homestead in upstate New York for $600,000 and buying a nice place on a quiet cul-de-sac in South Carolina for a third of that.

And because never having to shovel snow again is powerful mojo — especially to those born and raised in the northeast.

I’m probably alone in this, but this seems a misguided migration to me. I don’t like dealing with a lot of snow any more than the next guy, but I can’t shake the notion that the right way to go is north. And as far north as possible. I’m considering retiring in a few years to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or maybe even Canada.

My reasoning is based on a couple of things.

First, I believe that climate change will manifest itself in many ways that we won’t immediately comprehend. It might move the nations bread-basket north by hundreds of miles. This would be a problem because there isn’t a lot of farmable land “hundreds of miles” north of Iowa, and food production is likely to suffer. When that happens, living in highly-populated areas is going to become an instant problem.

Admittedly, the life altering impact from climate change won’t be felt for another decade so this won’t be a long-term problem for those now over 65. Dead and buried is safe haven from most threats, including this one.

The more immediate concern should be the simmering social unrest boiling just below the surface in America. Race relations aren’t going so well, in case you haven’t been paying attention. Add to that the flood of immigrants pouring into the southern states and a region that hasn’t been on an even keel for a century and a half will become even more unstable.

As these things spill over of course there will be major problems in the streets of the mega-cities, even in the north. New York, Baltimore, DC, LA.

These can be avoided by steering clear of those regions but I suspect the problem will be much harder to avoid across much of the south — especially in the southeast — where a steady stream of retired white guys from upstate New York are going to find themselves instantly in the minority for the first time in their lives.

Chaotic times ahead are inevitable.

You can prepare by stocking up on food and ammo, and that may help for a season. But if you really want to avoid the coming tribulation and have the best chance for survival, I think you need to get away from as much humanity as possible.

If a long stream of cars are headed south, wise men will make haste in the opposite direction.

Author: Jeff Davis