Wanna Take a Ride?

Art Bell’s latest radio styled program, Midnight in the Desert, has met with success since emerging online just a few short months ago. The late-night program picked up Bell’s interests in the paranormal, UFO’s, and conspiracies right where he left them many years ago at Coast to Coast AM.

Using Skype to communicate with both callers and guests, the program is distributed via the Internet and “broadcast” from his home in the high desert near Pahrump, Nevada. The live stream is made available for free while time-shifted archives of the program are available to subscribers for a small monthly fee.

Having worked the bugs out of the system,  Bell is now hitting his stride and ready to take the program to the next level.

He explained:

“It has been a great two month start but now it’s time to get serious. Starting October 1st, Midnight in the Desert will send an XDS (satellite) feed to almost 4000 broadcast radio stations in stereo, which means all they have to do is flip a switch and we are on.”

Bell asked his army of fans to contact their local broadcast radio stations to request they carry ‘Midnight in the Desert’.

Meanwhile, you can catch the program live via the Internet every Monday to Friday from 9:00pm Pacific to Midnight. Listen live on your smartphone using the TuneIn app or become a ‘Time Traveler’ for $7.99 per month and gain access to archives of all the programs for downloading and playback at a more convenient hour.

Radio hams know Art Bell as W6OBB — a longtime radio amateur who often hangs out on 75 meters into the wee hours after his program has ended.

Author: Jeff Davis