Fast Track License Audio Book

I’m an Audible subscriber, Audible being the spoken book company. This month while perusing items that have been selected especially for me, there was an amateur radio related title. That’s unusual because while the Kindle store overfloweth with self-published ditties from ham radio authors, as far as I’m aware, few, if any have transitioned to Audible — until now.

The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License was written by Michael Burnette, AF7KB. Published last year, it’s also available in Kindle and printed form. Online reviewers have given Burnette glowing, high marks on his work.


Being an Extra class operator, I’m not in the market for license study manuals and regularly ignore them. I would have this one too had it not been for the recommendation from Audible. It was easy enough to click and listen to a five-minute (free) sample of the work and while you can’t judge a book by its cover, if I were in the market for a beginners guide, this one would be difficult to ignore.

Studying for any FCC license involves spending time with dry material to be sure, but Burnette sounds like an excellent communicator and steady help for those traversing the desert dry course material. Give the sample a listen and see what you think.

Would you recommend this work to a prospective radio enthusiast? Sound off in the comments.

Author: Jeff Davis