If We Make It Through December

I’m aware that last week was Thanksgiving, but it still feels like December snuck up on me. What’s left of this year will slip quickly by what with shorter work weeks, a few days of vacation, and then the holidays. The time-off from work is sorely needed. I’ve been hitting it pretty hard these last six months and can really use some down time.

Next year will be better. Less work, more fun. Yeah. I say that at the end of every year…

Cooler weather has settled over the Heartland. We even had some flurries a few weeks ago. But it’s been relatively mild. Only a night or two when temps were below freezing. That will no doubt change in the coming weeks though it’s been at least ten years since we spent more on heating than cooling the house. When Brenda and I first got married, the heating bill was always the seasonal budget concern.

We’re slipping away soon for a few days in Pure Michigan and that’s always a treat. Four and a half hours up the road and we land in our favorite weekend getaway, Holland, Michigan. In warmer months we hang out on the beach there but in December, we just soak up the cozy Christmas vibes of one of the best small towns in America.

December also signals that we’re less than a year from the 2016 elections. Crazy season will jump into high gear during the coming weeks. The comedy show hosts are doubtless licking their chops over the prospects of endless laughs from the freak show that has become American politics.

Speaking of that freak show, I recently read a NYTimes article about the magical staying power of Donald Trump. Despite spouting true nuttiness and hate at every opportunity, he continues to ride high with the GOP base – much to the chagrin of the Republican hierarchy. The article implied that his popularity rests on the fact that people are tired of “politicians” and want a non-politician in office.

‘The Donald’ certainly qualifies in that regard,  but does that really make sense? Isn’t POTUS a  fairly important job where we need at least a marginally seasoned leader? Let’s say you needed heart surgery but declared that you wanted a plumber to perform the operation because you’re “tired” of doctors and just want a regular person to manage your health.

We frequently hear how bad things have become and how “this election” may be the most important in the history of our nation. The GOP certainly trotted that trope out while Obama was beating McCain and Romney in the polls. So how does the notion of electing a “rookie” for the quarterback role in the biggest game of all time make sense?

But then, it doesn’t have to make sense. If it did, a lot less people would find politics so darned enjoyable.

If We Make it Through December – Merle Haggard

Author: Jeff Davis