Spitballing: TenTec

News of the sale of TenTec, the new mystery owner, and the suggestion that there may be some sort of crowd funding for its future sure got the trolls stirred up. All the usual suspects in all the usual forums. They make a lot of noise but are reliably wrong which should give the new TenTec owner more reason for optimism.

The problem with predicting the future of almost any enterprise is that outside observers don’t have all the facts and that causes them to focus on all the wrong things. For instance, if the NEW company had a killer radio design, raising money would be the least of its worries.

Companies fail more for lack of vision than lack of money.

And there’s no need to be put off by the notion of crowd-funding. It wasn’t all that long ago that Elecraft used a similar model when it accepted payments before its transceiver was fully in production to help its cash flow. A three thousand dollar radio, offered for $2500 if you pay for it today, with delivery in 6-12 months, is not such a crazy idea.

And don’t forget, the NEW company won’t be starting from scratch. TenTec already has a line of popular products that could quickly return to production — and a long list of happy customers to snap them up.

Just spitballing and stirring up trolls here, but I expect TenTec will announce the hiring of a high-profile SDR developer who will lead an effort to produce a revolutionary new software-defined-radio product or concept. Production will resume on it’s most popular (and profitable) transceivers — after the company moves north by a few hundred miles…

Author: Jeff Davis