Art Bell Hangs it Up

Art Bell, W6OBB has abruptly terminated the latest incarnation of his radio program, Midnight in the Desert.

The entertainer claims that someone has been stalking him and his family around their home in the “high desert” of Pahrump, Nevada and that his shutting down is out of concern for his family’s safety. This time around, he managed to “broadcast” his program for about five months before pulling the plug. He’s become as well known for retiring as for his unusual program which focused on world events, UFO’s, aliens, and the paranormal.

Some listeners claim they have checked police records for that area and can find no police reports filed leading to speculation that either the new program wasn’t doing as well as Bell had hoped, or that he simply had grown bored with the latest effort.

I think he may not have been enamored with the Internet podcast format used and that he continues to pine for the magic of real radio broadcasting. We may never know the truth behind the latest shutdown, but Art Bell has always been entertaining and one of the best broadcasters of all time.

Though disappointed to see him go, again, it’s always been a great ride!

Here’s the complete announcement from his Web site:

I am sorry to have to announce this but I will not be on Tonight or any other night, yes I am going to hang it up. Whoever this crazy person is, they are not stopping and it has come to the point that we as a Family do not feel it is worth the risk. While I think the person or persons are after me, my Wife and now my Daughter are really scared, the other night after the latest incident my Daughter was off in the corner of her bed scared to death as the Police cars came screaming up. I will not put my Family through this. As you all know I dearly love what I do but not at the expense of never ending Terrorism. I want to thank those of you who have shown so much support and it has been my joy, short as it has been to have cracked that Mic open for a last time. This was a Family decision. The girls stuck with me and still would but if one of them were harmed because of what I love doing my life would be over.



Author: Jeff Davis


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  1. I for one am tired and disgusted with the antics. He has the resources to deal with such issues, or he could just go back to the Philippines and broadcast from there. There was other things going on there. You may have noticed Leo Ashcraft suddenly disappeared from the news. This is because he wasn’t getting paid what he had expected. My understanding was that he was also involved in the satellite network Art’s show was going to be relayed to broadcast stations to. This ended that means of program distribution. No public announcement was made about this, you just saw Leo disappear and the talk of satellite distribute disappeared with him. We’ll probably never know the whole truth but clearly there was more going on behind the scenes than we were being told. I almost purchased advertisement on that program, glad now I didn’t.

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