The Road Ahead

Happy New Year!

It’s become tradition here at the KE9V shack to spend a little time gazing into the crystal ball, prognosticating on what we can expect in the coming New Year. I’ve tracked my progress in this endeavor since 2005 and am pleased to report to you that I’m batting nearly fifty-percent with my predictions.

That means I’m much better than most baseball sluggers and only slightly less accurate than a coin toss. In matters where I can’t quite make up my mind, I defer to the Magic 8-Ball. In other words, don’t take it too seriously and caveat emptor.

2016 — The Road Ahead:

  1. The ARRL National Parks on the Air event is going to be wildly popular. Perhaps a tad slow out of the gate due to weather and getting everyone onboard, but NPOTA is destined to be a smash operating event.
  2. The Heard Island VK0EK DXpedition will be the DX celebration of the year. (Did you hear that Kingman Reef is dead?) Propagation will be rough and tumble but in spite of that, previous DXpedition numbers are going to get crushed.
  3. TenTec. Hmmm. Need a little help from the Magic 8-Ball with this one. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s been sold again. My opinion is that companies like TenTec should change owners as often as children should change daddy’s. I can’t really see how this latest twist will turn out well. Or as the 8-Ball told me, “My sources say it’s the end of the road for TenTec in 2016”. By the way, the Magic 8-Ball also said that mysterious new owner is Mike Bishop of Dishtronix.
  4. The final Dayton Hamvention conducted at Hara Arena will take place in 2016. Entropy wins.
  5. It will become patently obvious to all in 2016 that FCC enforcement has joined Jimmy Hoffa – hiding in an undisclosed location.
  6. Someone, somewhere will introduce a new SDR transceiver in 2016.
  7. Expect a big shake-up in the production of Ham Nation. Leo Laporte has taken to firing hosts on his TWiT network like George Steinbrenner fired managers. The production line-up has been shaken and rattled a lot lately, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him dump Heil and Gordo  too. That doesn’t mean the show won’t go on, but the logistics will get sticky. Keep a close eye on this around mid-year.
  8.  Candidate Donald Trump will say something stupid in 2016 (not really relevant but it helps my overall prediction accuracy to toss in a couple of “can’t miss” picks).
  9. Remote radio operation continues to gain ground in the New Year causing contest organizers to modify their rules aggravating an already growing schism among the radio sport rank and file. Look for the fallout to be lower contest participation by years end along with copious amounts of handwringing, QST and NCJ articles to calm folks down, and more worries about the future of radio contesting.
  10. And finally, as I have correctly predicted each and every year — 663,414 radio amateurs will make “Learning CW” one of their top New Year’s resolutions — and 43 of them will actually succeed.

Author: Jeff Davis