The Migration

If timing really is ‘everything’ then now’s not a bad time to flee the high frequencies

I’ve been reflecting on the past and dreaming a little about the future, like you’re supposed to do at the end of every year. In my case, there’s probably more past than future. I’ve been playing radio for almost forty years, and almost all of that time at HF.

What more would I want to do that I haven’t already done over so many decades?

It seems a fair question. One more contact, more DX chasing, another contest, etc. These things are all well and good and have kept me entertained for ages but there are other radio related things I want to pursue before I’m too old to enjoy them.

Having considered this for some time now, I started liquidating my HF equipment. The back-up transceivers, loads of accessories, and nearly my entire collection of telegraph keys are already gone.

I’m intent on migrating from HF and taking up new residence on VHF and higher for the foreseeable future. If timing really is ‘everything’ then now’s not a bad time to flee the high frequencies. The downhill run to solar minimum can be a depressing season for aficionados of the short waves.

Trying to strategize where to begin and what hardware will be required to anchor this new phase of radio activity has my full attention but I’ll probably start with something as simple as a new handheld transceiver, like the Kenwood TH-D72A.

The last dual-band handheld I bought was the Yaesu FT-51R — in 1995!

Besides just being a much needed new handheld radio, the TH-D72A supports full-duplex operation making it ideal for FM satellite work. And with the built-in GPS and packet features, it supports APRS activity as well. I count that as three birds with one stone making it a good value proposition.

It’s only the first step in a completely different direction, but it’s a start.

Author: Jeff Davis