TenTec Firmware Updates Available

a promise made a promise kept


In the official announcement from Dishtronix about its acquisition of TenTec, reference was made to the impending release of updated firmware for the TenTec Eagle and Omni 7 transceivers.

Those updates became available this week.

It’s encouraging to see this come to pass. Though it’s terribly small in the grand scheme of things, it’s important for the new owner to deliver on what he said he was going to do. A promise made — a promise kept.

The next step, according to his plan, is the resumption of production beginning with the Omni 7+ — which is the Omni 7 with some minor cosmetic improvements. Following that, the plan is to release a new “Super” Eagle — bringing most of the DSP features of the Orion II to the lower cost transceiver.

The new owner makes no guarantees when any of this will come to pass, but the release of the firmware updates is a good sign and I’m looking forward to visiting with them in Dayton in a few months. And I’d be surprised if the NEW TenTec allowed that occasion to pass without offering something for sale, old or new.

Author: Jeff Davis