Suffering Fools

This nonsense would be illegal in any decently run society.

There was no update here yesterday. I despise April Fool’s and all the tomfoolery that attends it. Especially online. You read some bit of seemingly shocking news only to find that you just wasted three minutes of your life — that you can’t get back. This nonsense would be illegal in any decently run society.

But there was some actual news yesterday. LNR Precision announced two new transceivers. The five-band CW only Mountain Topper by Steve Weber and the LD-11, a new 160-6m all-mode affair with a built-in panadaptor in a portable size. The KX3 may have some competition after all.

There might be a new HF/mobile transceiver from Yaesu — but it’s not an FT-817 replacement. That ship has sailed.

The MacHamRadio site might close soon and Eric had a QSO with Grayson Evans, TA2ZGE, author of the book, Hollow State Devices — and he lets us listen in on the QSO Today Podcast.

KY6R recently reflected on the end of the current solar cycle and the HF blues that is already inducing. Makes me feel a better about my plans to abandon HF in favor of a higher calling.

And the ARRL’s new podcast, “The Doctor is In” is set to hit Ethernet wherever you sip from the firehose.

Author: Jeff Davis