Georgia QSO Party

All 40M SSB doing the search & pounce routine.

I waded into the Georgia QSO Party this afternoon. All 40 meter phone doing the search & pounce routine. I’m a terrible contest operator but I blame some of it on my logging program. It’s fancy enough to pull data from QRZ in as I enter call signs.

If it only pulled address data that would be fine, but it also drags up whatever photo appears on that operator’s QRZ page. I’m easily distracted and if you pop a station photo of someone I just worked up on the screen, I’m off on a quest to see what all there is to see about the other guy.

Managing 21 contacts in 13 unique counties (273 points) while also researching each and every one of them in just an hour, well — I’m not bragging but that wasn’t half bad.

Author: Jeff Davis