Michigan QSO Party

I managed a few hours in the Michigan QSO Party over the weekend. It’s a noon to midnight operation (local time) and I waited until the sun was beginning to sink before jumping in. All search and pounce. Mostly 40 meters and mostly phone though I did end up on the key for a short run when I noticed a tweet from Dan, KB6NU that said he was hanging out on 7046.

After working him, I loitered a bit on CW but then it was back to phone. It seemed there was a lot more activity on phone than CW — something I noticed the week before in the Georgia QSO Party. But given my proximity to the state of Michigan and the time I was operating, my only real options are 40 and 80 meters — maybe that had something to do with it?

17 CW and 51 PHONE with a handful of mults was good for 3,485 points and the log has already been submitted. I managed to work several stations in the Upper Peninsula, always a thrill for me, but never did hear Hank, N8XX who was operating from Schoolcraft County up there.

For a second week in a row, logging was a bottleneck to a better score.

Not that I’m a serious contest operator — two hours is about all the time I’m willing to spend tethered to the shack on a weekend — so I’ll never be on top the points pile. Still, there’s plenty of room for improvement in shack automation and logging and for me it’s something that needs attention. Continuous improvement should be a way of life…

Next QSO Party for me will be the Indiana event in May. I’m hoping home field advantage will help make a better showing.

Author: Jeff Davis