Does CW Really Get Through When Nothing Else Can?

CW ops can shout at their radio without anyone hearing

The latest edition of The Doctor is In, the new podcast from ARRL Headquarters, asks and answers the question, does CW really get through when nothing else can? No secret here, of course it can! But it’s refreshing to hear the answer backed up with science instead of the typical anecdotal evidence espoused by the perpetually amazed.

While this is only episode number two, this bi-weekly ham radio program has rocketed to the top of my favorite podcasts list and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

It’s hosted by QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY who keeps the program light and breezy while Joel Hallas, W1ZR – “the doctor” serves up technical details like a seasoned educator. He’s a retired Electrical Engineer, college professor, former QST Magazine Technical Editor and now a contributing editor for the publication.

Author: Jeff Davis


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