Time Running Out for TenTec

TenTec has traded hands several times in the last few years. Most recently it’s become an operating subsidiary of Dishtronix, Inc. an Ohio corporation. In fact, that’s been the situation since the first of the year.  Any progress made in the direction of resuming “normal” operations have been mostly imperceptible.

When last I mentioned TenTec here, it was February and they had released a couple of firmware updates for their transceivers. This was a welcome move because they had previously said they were in the process of doing that, and they followed through on it.

Kept promises are important but that was months ago and there have been no further public statements.

The temporary Web site remains unchanged. If you want to view their products online, you have to visit the online site still maintained by the previous owner. You would think getting a new Web site up and running would be vitally important to an enterprise with no show floor or retail outlet, but that hasn’t been the case — yet.

It’s both curious and discouraging to those of us still holding out hope for a comeback. But the final nail in the coffin will be if there’s no TenTec booth at the Dayton Hamvention — that opens in less than two weeks. 

If there’s nothing to show or at least talk about at that point, then it will be clear that TenTec has no viable future.

Friends have privately told me not to fret, they say the new owner is “serious” and “intent on making it all work”. Maybe. But you can’t place an existing manufacturing operation in long-term limbo and expect it to survive.

The clock is ticking and time is running out on TenTec’s last act.

Author: Jeff Davis