Micro Burst Contesting

Like a lot of hams, I enjoy radio contesting. But I’m a little pistol, not a big gun. I’ll never be in the top ten of any major effort and that causes me no consternation. I’m a casual operator and use contests as opportunities to make incremental improvements in my station and operating techniques.

But being a casual contest operator isn’t the only reason for my typically anemic scores.

I simply won’t allocate unlimited time to these efforts. In a weekend long event, I might spend two hours. In a one-day QSO party, I might only spend thirty minutes.

Contest journals and blogs brim with hints and tips to enable radio operators to increase their “chair time”. Given that our hobby is a sedentary one by nature, coming up with new methods for spending more time firmly planted in a chair seems more a recipe for a fat-ass and an early grave.

So I take contesting in smaller doses. It better fits my lifestyle and I’ve come to call this form of operation MICRO-BURST contesting. I happen to think it could be the next NEW thing in the radiosport world.

Every one of us lament the lack of “time” to do things anymore, even though we still have the same number of hours in a day that our ancestors had. Face it, life is getting busier with each passing year and I don’t know anyone with enough spare time to play in radio contests full-time every weekend — except those long retired.

If you avoid contesting because you don’t always have the time to put in a decent effort, I’d encourage you to give MICRO-BURST contesting a try. It would be nice to see contest sponsors get on-board and offer categories like top scores in the “less than one-hour” category or something similar.

That way, a fellow could approach a big contest weekend by carefully planning what single hour (or other interval) he wants to jump into the fray, and then jump out while there’s still time to mow the lawn, take the dog for a walk, and the XYL to dinner.

Trust me on this, when it comes to radio contesting, the future is all about two-hour sprints.

No one has time for anything longer.

Author: Jeff Davis


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  1. “for spending more time firmly planted in a chair seems more a recipe for a fat-ass and an early grave.”
    Love that description. I also like the idea of “Micro Burst Contesting”…nice blog.

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