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Dayton Hamvention officially gets under way in one week. This will be my 35th visit since 1977. The last five or six years I’ve taken the opportunity to live “tweet” pictures and commentary from the event. Those efforts seem well-received by those unable to attend, so I’ll be reprising that role again this year — but I wanted you to know about one important change for 2016.

Hara Arena

We’re going to use the hashtag, #HV2016Live for tweets made “live” from the event. The Hamvention Social Media team requests that we follow that convention to enhance the experience for those enjoying the show vicariously via the tweet stream. If that’s you, set your Twitter client to search for the new hashtag then sit back, and enjoy the show.

Once again I’ll do my best to honor requests to visit specific booths, ask specific questions, or take specific photos. Message me with your requests. Keep in mind that the batteries only last so long and cell coverage is less than perfect inside the arena. Be patient and I’ll try to oblige over the three day event.

And like last time, you have my permission to use any photo I tweet from Dayton. Feel free to include them on your blog, in your club newsletter, or to share with friends. It’s my pleasure to make them available — a mention or link back to this site is appreciated, but unnecessary.

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