Immediate Doctor Care

The Doctor is In podcast from the ARRL has quickly become the most interesting and informative online amateur radio media resource. Hosted by QST Editor-in-Chief Steve Ford, WB8IYY and the “doctor” Joel Hallas, W1ZR the bi-weekly program covers a main topic in some detail, like grounding, while spare time is used to answer a variety of questions submitted by listeners.

Technical topics can easily become tedious, but this duo have found the proper balance of light and heavy delivery so that time spent listening is always informative, never boring, and usually leaves me wanting a bit more.

Perfect, right? Well, almost.

The program is excellent, but the supporting Web delivery needs work. The ARRL did a great job of educating listeners on how to subscribe to the podcast feed, but direct program links on the primary Web page are rarely current.

As of this morning, the last program listed is from June 30. That makes it tough to find, or to point someone to the CURRENT program released on July 14.

In addition, the built-in audio player that permits someone to click a link to listen on the Web page uses Flash. Is it possible that the ARRL hasn’t heard that Flash is dead?

No, these links should be current and they should take advantage of modern methods of delivery from the Web page. On top of all that, there are no links for sharing via social media. Visiting the Doctor Web page is like traveling back to 2008.

C’mon ARRL, the program is excellent — let us help you share it with our friends. Give us links for each episode so these can be easily shared via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

That will make me happy, the fraternity happy, and I’ll bet program sponsor, DX Engineering, would be pleased for the extra exposure too!

Author: Jeff Davis


2 thoughts on “Immediate Doctor Care”

  1. Amazing timing Jeff. I just came through the door after taking a morning walk and listening to the episode on Baluns. I agree, this is a great podcast. I too would love to share links to the newest programs on Twitter and other social media sites. Good call out here!

  2. I solved the access problem by subscribing through iTunes. This works just the same as all the other podcasts to which I subscribe.

    However I agree with what you say about Flash. Tired of upddating Flash every week or two whenever Adobe “finally got it right” (Hi!) I scrubbed it from all three of our Macs. It’s dangerous even on Macs, and heaven knows how much more so on Windows computers. I do have Google Chrome, and Chromium, installed for those few websited which insist on still using Flash. But my preferred work-around is software available for many web browsers which lets them lie and claim to be running on an iPad. Since iPads don’t have Flash (and it cannot be added to them), websites wanting to be visible on iPads have to serve up HTML5 instead. This works for many sites. A few sites however are too smart for their own good, realize they are being lied to, and refuse to serve up HTML5 instead of Flash even though they will do so when presented with a genuine iPad instead of Firefox or Safari claiming to be running on one. Then there are a few websites that just cannot serve up HTML5 and they cannot be viewed on real iPads. So for such places I reluctantly use Google Chrome or Chromium, quitting them as soon as I am finished with the website requiring Flash. This exposes me to Flash hazards for minimal time.

    Worse yet, however, is that to download the current version of QST requires Flash as well as Adobe Air. So I have to use Google Chrome or Chromium to do that, and since the download is slow even with my pretty fast Internet service it exposes me to Flash hazards for longer than I like. Since Flash is being deprecated I e-mailed ARRL about this, complaing. The response? NONEXISTENT!

    I’d like to go paper-free on QST. But since I am strongly considering abandoning downloading QST because of increased hazards, I probably can’t. So ARRL is not only non-responsize to a legitimate concern on the part of one of its members (1949-1966, QRT 1966-2013, member 2013-present), and potentially endangering those who use Flash to download QST, their actions will have undesirable environmental consequences.

    David Ryeburn, VE7EZM and AF7BZ 2013-now and W8EZE 1949-1967

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