Broken Trust


While I enjoy spinning the dial across the bands and working a new one on rare occasions, I can count on two (or maybe three) hands the number of big DX operations that I’ve actually “chased”.

I enjoy DX but am not afflicted with the dengue it inspires in so many radio enthusiasts.

That’s easy for me right now because I’m currently on hiatus from HF activities. Band conditions are abysmal and I really don’t think I’m missing a thing. But I do try to stay up to date on the latest operations and where the big boys are going next as the appeal for me is radio adventure and not just verifiable confirmations and numbers.

But having read this recent treatise from Paul, N6PSE — I’m not sure whatever interest I had in DXing will ever be re-kindled. From here to eternity, whenever I see a call sign on the Honor Roll, I won’t think about the hours in the chair or the radio prowess required for its achievement.

I will instead wonder how many of those calls are legitimate and how many are just cheats and liars who have for all purposes, broken trust with the game of DX and ruined it forever in the process.

Author: Jeff Davis


1 thought on “Broken Trust”

  1. DX is a game, a planetary, instructive & wonderful game, & as all games they are cheats..
    True, honest DXers like the challenge to contact a faraway island with the means at hand, QRP, barefoot or full gallon. DoU chase DX for yourself, or to exhibit more countries than neighbour DXers ?
    For me, the basic elements of success are conviction : Yes I can ! & knowledge, now very accurate & largely available on the web.
    73 & DX QRO de Doc Mic , DXCC H.Roll Mixed as XE1MD (2003), now F4GBE,

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