Still Soylent

It’s been a year since I first tried Soylent, the specially crafted meal substitute drink, and I remain a regular customer of the 2.0 version. The powdered mix is still available, but I prefer the convenience of premixed bottles.

“I don’t use it to replace delicious food, I use it to replace bad food” is a popular sentiment among Soylent fans and I agree. I travel a lot and frequently wake up in hotels. Grabbing a bottle as I head out the door is easy, convenient, and much healthier than whatever is being kept warm on the “breakfast bar” in the lobby.

It’s also measurable, 400 kcals per bottle.

And now there’s a new offering — Coffiest a balanced breakfast and your morning coffee, all in one convenient bottle. Each bottle contains 400 calories of complete plant-based nutrition and the same caffeine as a strong cup of coffee.


Might as well get them together since I usually chase a bottle for breakfast with a Cup of Joe anyway. I’ve ordered a case and will soon see how the coffee flavored drink tastes and whether it will become a regular part of my monthly re-order.

Soylent is the brainchild of Rob Rhinehart, an electrical engineer who was working a crazy number of hours on an entrepreneurial start-up a few years ago when he got tired of buying, cooking, and eating bad food. Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to meet his nutritional needs, he approached food as an engineering problem.

“You need amino acids and lipids, not milk itself,” he said. “You need carbohydrates, not bread.” Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, but they’re “mostly water.” He began to think that food was an inefficient way of getting what he needed to survive.

Beginning my second year of Soylent, I think he was right.

Author: Jeff Davis