Poke Sallet

Woke to much cooler air and lower humidity this morning. The sun is shining brightly, the windows and doors are all open, and all seems well with the world. This is the kind of summer weather I appreciate. Though it’s still August, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the season of hot and sticky would surrender to autumn’s glory sooner, rather than later.

Interesting post from Rich, KY6R on the recent VK0EK operation from Heard Island: The Deserving and The Critic is a good read and not without a lesson for the DX-afflicted. Watch his blog for additional “back stories”.

“Bob, KK6EK presented the VK0EK DX-pedition at the NCDXC monthly meeting last night, and it was excellent. It was more travelogue and more science than DX-ing, but the crowd seemed to really like that. Bob also mentioned that he is working on “VK0EK, The Book” – and will make it available FREE”.

Speaking of DX – YX0V Aves Island is preparing to be QRV. New dates, August 27 to September 10. Or something like that. I’ve seen a dozen different start dates. Satellite operators might get some love on this one.

More Good Reads

The Greatest Generation continues its fade. Southgate Amateur Radio News reports that radio amateur Brian Rix, G2DQU passed away on the morning of Saturday, August 20, 2016. While known to the general public as an actor, Brian Rix had been a licensed radio amateur since his early teens and used his position to further the hobby.

Solar Topics – Where We’re Headed is the topic of an upcoming (August 23) Webinar hosted by Carl, K9LA who will give a brief update on Cycle 24, and then discuss the implication of the number of days with zero sunspots, the trend of the strength of the magnetic fields around sunspots, the correlation of the duration of solar minimum to the maximum of the next solar cycle, and several other issues. He will also explain why we have a revised data set of new sunspot numbers.

A couple of videos worth a look: The ARRL 2016 Hurricane Preparedness Webinar is available for viewing now. Also, don’t miss this review of the miniVNA TINY vector network analyzer.

My new PiRLP3 arrived about a week ago but it has received no attention. Nothing has happened around here since my eye surgery. My sight is slowly getting back to normal and I plan to go back to work tomorrow. Still, not much time for hobby projects as surgery on my other eye is scheduled for just two weeks after the first and I expect more downtime ahead. I’m anxious for September and hope things return to normal around here.

And yes, poke sallet is a real thing.

Author: Jeff Davis