The Eyes Have It

Surgery on my left eye went very well last week, and I’m back in the saddle. Much of August was taken up with having cataracts removed from both eyes and special interocular lenses installed in each. These have worked well and I’m writing this post without the need for any eyeglasses. In fact, I’ve finally unloaded the many glasses that have been accumulating here since I first began wearing them about fifteen years ago. I’ve kept a pair of drugstore variety magnifiers for “close-up” work.

Cataract surgery has become a common and simple bit of medical work though it remains a miracle. Most people are good to go with almost no restrictions the day after surgery.

In my case, the recovery took a little longer. Apparently, my pupils don’t open up enough for the procedure using drops for dilation. The ophthalmologist told me that weeks ago and when I asked if that would be a problem he said, “well, I need for them to be open enough so I can see what I’m doing in there. But don’t worry, I have a mechanical device that can open your pupils as wide as I need them to be”.

Yeah, a mechanical device. If that sounds creepy to you, imagine how it sounded to me. I assumed that sort of torture was reserved for terrorists and secret agents. You can read more about that procedure here, but I don’t recommend it. The upshot was that this method caused some additional swelling of my eyes and that extended the recovery process by a few days.

For what it’s worth, this was all done while I was under sedation so I slept thru the process and never felt a thing. My wife watched the production via a big-screen in a special waiting room and she said it wasn’t nearly as awful to watch as it sounds. Like I said, I slept. In fact, the most painful part of the entire ordeal was sticking me for the IV. They took three stabs at it in one arm and four in the other before they found a willing vein.

Once I was in the operating room, the anesthesiologist introduced himself and told me, “I’m going to make this as comfortable for you as I possibly can”. And that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up as they were rolling the bed I was on into the recovery room where they gave me orange juice and a snack. The actual work inside my eye took exactly 12 minutes but that was wrapped in a few hours of preparation and recovery. I went in at 9:30am in the morning and was out before noon each time.

This doctor wouldn’t do both eyes at the same time, I waited two weeks between each eye. Because of that, I took two weeks off work in August, one for each eye and I’m glad I scheduled it that way given my extended recovery.

The surgery seems to have been successful and you cannot possibly imagine how much I’m looking forward to being able to clearly see the autumnal beauty that’s coming our way over the coming weeks.

Having cataract surgery at my age (57) makes me feel like an old man, and has prompted me to take stock of my overall health. Now that I’ve got “rebuilt” eyes, I’ve become interested in making additional improvements, a kind of “me” two-point-oh or perhaps I’m old enough to consider bumping my revision number to 6.0?

Next Steps

I go back to work the day after Labor Day and expect things to get back to normal quickly. Projects that have been piling up around here will begin getting immediate attention. I’m planning a complete shack remodel, including building a new desk and reworking the power distribution. I’m still determined to achieve VUCC via satellite by year-end, install a couple of new antennas, and give some attention to that stack of SDR gear that keeps growing.

And that’s just my list — Brenda has a long list of things she wants to get done before the snow flies too! There are doors to replace, and we want to refinish a concrete patio before it’s too cold. There’s always painting and yard work. It never ends.

I’m knee deep in writing projects and I’d really like to pay a little more attention to this blog. I’m still taking an extended break from Twitter and Facebook, and am thinking of bringing my ham radio link blog to an end.

Lots to do, almost no time to do it all, and time’s a-wastin’.

Author: Jeff Davis


4 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It”

  1. Jeff, glad to hear that your eyes are clear and focused. I had both of my eyes done a couple of years ago. It was amazing to see the difference after the first eye. Much more contrast and no yellow tint. Please keep up the writing, I enjoy reading about what you are doing. 73, Randy

  2. Hi Jeff.

    I’m also glad you’re back in the saddle. I’ve enjoyed following your posts since way back when you were recording Long Delayed Echoes. I truly hope you’ll continue with your blog. It really is enjoyable.

    73 de KD6FTR

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