Ham Radio at Work

Yesterday I was in a business meeting with four other people – all from different companies. The five of us were sitting in a conference room discussing the needs of a project when it was revealed that three of us, were licensed amateur radio operators.

That might be a little less surprising given that we all work in engineering but I still thought it an impressive assembly and odd coincidence.

Thirty years ago my resume included a section for “memberships”. Among IEEE and ISA I had included ARRL thinking it hardly relevant but at 27, my resume needed a little fattening.

After I was hired for a job, my new boss told me that his decision had come down to me and one other fellow and that, although we were equally talented, he noticed that I was a radio amateur and that’s why I got the job.

Then he said, “welcome aboard, I’m K4KXL”…

Author: Jeff Davis


1 thought on “Ham Radio at Work”

  1. Thirty years ago, having an amateur radio license meant that you possessed a certain level of persistence when faced with a potentially challenging task (passing the code and written tests), and I think your employer may have taken this into consideration. I don’t point this out to knock current licensees (you get a ticket according to the rules of the day), but it was a more challenging process at one time. Passing a significant barrier like the 13 or 20 wpm code exam left you with a real feeling of accomplishment.

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