‘Frequency’: TV Review

If you were hoping this was going to be a television show about ham radio you will be disappointed.

I watched the premiere of the new TV series, Frequency, the reconstituted version of the 2000 film by the same name.

In the original movie, communication across time was facilitated by ham radio and a rare occurrence of the Aurora Borealis. In the new series, RF energy manages to travel thru time thanks to a lightning strike.

Airs Wednesday’s at 9pm (Eastern) on the CW Netwoork

Suspension of reality is a necessary element to enjoying this program, and if you were hoping this was going to be a television show about ham radio you will be disappointed.

I’ve already seen comments across hamdom about rules violations, the use of VHF/UHF Yagi’s with an HF transceiver, and — well, you get the picture. Some hams were hoping this would be a TV show about them.

It’s not. Get over it.

In the new series a young woman’s father was an undercover cop killed twenty years earlier. The young woman, now a detective herself, manages to warn her dad of the impending peril via the old ham radio set that has remained in the garage all these years.

With this knowledge from the future, he manages to avoid that incident but disturbing the fabric of time always yields unintended consequences and as her father saved his own life in 1996, his daughter’s life suddenly changes in 2016.

The weekly program is apparently going to continue as a cat and mouse game thru time permitting the father/daughter crime fighting duo to chase criminals using past and future knowledge as their special edge in the process.

I had low hopes for this series but it turned out that I enjoyed the first episode and now that I see where they’re going, It might work and even survive a season or two. Or it might not. Who knows?

I’d need a QSO with someone from 2018 to know for certain but I’m not leaving the feed-line connected during a thunderstorm just to find out.

Author: Jeff Davis


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