The Day Before the Day Before

We’ve finally arrived on the day before the day before Christmas and I’m working my last day of the year. The shopping is mostly done though I have a half-dozen errands yet to run tomorrow before settling in for a comfortable Christmas Eve. 

I was unable to make contact during two passes of SO-50. The first pass was low enough on the horizon that my expectations weren’t high. But another pass later in the day with a max elevation of 65 degrees had me hopeful. Sadly, it was lost due to operator error. I heard strong signals from plenty of stations and called several times without response. While tuning the downlink frequencies to correct for Doppler I had failed to switch back to the uplink band extinguishing all hope of making any contacts. Lesson learned and noted for the next time.

And that “next” time won’t come until after Christmas as “free time” will be limited for the next few days. I do intend to add the necessary programming for AO-91 and AO-92 to the transceiver so I can have at least a few more shots at success. After that I’ll get the TH-D74 all setup for the local machines, APRS, and to work with my D-STAR hotspot. All of that was functional before the firmware update. I thought I had properly backed up the configuration but I was wrong.

Nothing like starting-over from scratch every six months or so to keep you on your toes!