Winding Down

Hope springs eternal…

The unusually warm weather that ruined any hope for a White Christmas finally has given way to cooler temps. The near-constant drizzle of rain has turned to light snow showers. It’s hardly succor for a fellow who enjoys winter weather but I can’t do much about it.

At least it makes my sitting in a Starbucks right now sipping coffee, looking at the weather out the window just feel right. This begins week number two of my lovely year-end holiday and the house was too quiet with the wife having gone to work so off I went. Not sure what else might be on the agenda today, but I’ll find some way to stay out of trouble to be certain.

All the bits and bobs needed to install my new tri-band vertical still haven’t arrived and honestly, that’s okay with me. I’m really enjoying this long break from work and am uninterested in spending the holidays working on yet another project. I might stand out in the backyard and wave the Arrow antenna toward these gray skies, but that’s all the antenna “work” that’s going to happen today.

I have compiled some log stats for 2019. It was another year with noticeably less overall activity than usual. Just 44 DXCC’s worked last year. I think you can track the solar cycle through the entries in my station log. Digital work made up 60% of the total while CW and Phone were split evenly. Last year most of the digital contacts were made using FT8, this year most were RTTY. It will be more interesting to review my log at the end of 2020 as I expect to work VHF and up almost exclusively in 2020.

And since tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I’ve been trying to compile a short list of resolutions for 2020. It’s silly, but has become a blogging tradition to itemize things that can and cannot possibly come to pass. Hope springs eternal…