Sixty One

Woke this morning in Salt Lake City. Yet another birthday spent on the road. I’m alive, healthy, cheerful, and still earning a living so it’s all good, but I’m going to make this the last birthday I’ll spend working away from home. Retirement is around the corner.

I’m certainly not the youngest guy at every ham radio club meeting and event the way I was not so long ago. While I don’t consider 61 to be “old” my judgement about what is old seems to advance with the passage of time. Truth be told, sometimes it’s hard to remember I was born in another century, another millennia for that matter. Having lived 41 years in the 20th century I’m fond of declaring that century was much better than what I’ve seen of the 21st, at least so far.

These days I’m much less concerned about obtaining the latest hardware than I am about exercise, weight loss, and a better diet. As it turns out, fiber is more important than code speed, meditation more important than QSLing, regular checkups more important than band fills.

Ours is mostly a sedentary hobby that involves a lot of sitting. Heck, every contesting forum I’ve ever attended includes tips and hints about how to spend MORE time in the chair. This once seemed like wise counsel, but when I hear it now, all I see in my head is that traffic jam of electric scooters at Hamvention…