Selling Out

I’d like to sell all my modern transceivers, along with all the accessories that go with them. That includes the IC-7610, IC-9700, and the IC-7300. At least that’s the plan.

But one of my least favorite things to do is to sell almost anything. It’s hard work. If it were only a matter of taking photos, listing online, boxing it up and shipping it, that would be easy. It’s the other stuff that makes me sweat.

Five years ago I sold my TenTec Eagle.

The Eagle was a very simple to operate HF transceiver. There were only a few knobs and buttons to contend with. I sold it to some fellow who continued to contact me for months afterwards with endless questions; “How do I make it do this, how do I make it do that, I can’t get it to transmit in CW – are you sure you didn’t sell me a defective transceiver?”

Being unpaid product support is not for me and I vowed never to sell anything of significant value again.

I’d rather take used equipment to the dump than deal with that again. Imagine my consternation at listing stuff for sale that’s considerably more complex than that old Eagle! So I’m looking for alternatives. One of those being to trade it all in for store credit. That’s still not ideal, but it beats putting it into storage, or something worse.

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