Solder Smoke

In the latest edition of the SolderSmoke podcast, host Bill Meara, N2CQR put out a plea for listeners to drop him a note and let him know how you listen, via direct download, iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

I’ve been listening to SolderSmoke since it launched, the only ham radio program I can make that claim about. Intended for low-power enthusiasts, home brewers, and boat anchor aficionados, the personality and delivery make it the most highly anticipated program in all of hamdom. Sometimes I wish it was produced more frequently, but its semi-scarcity is one of its many charms.

Also be sure to visit the SolderSmoke daily news blog.

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In edition to the podcast, he’s published a very interesting book: “SolderSmoke — Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics”, available on Amazon.

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