I’m home from a few nights in Toledo where a lot of snow was expected, but only a portion of it showed up. It snowed for 36-48 hours without stop but the ground was warm enough that most of it melted on contact. There was about three-inches on the ground when I left there this morning, but it had stopped falling.

But somewhere on the three-hour drive home I passed through a 10 mile area that was a complete whiteout. Visibility was nil with many cars and trucks having slipped off the road. When I emerged on the other side, it was all sunshine and clear skies.

I see where plans for another DX operation are being changed due to Coronavirus quarantines. The CDC now says it’s inevitable that the pandemic will visit the US and probably in a big way so they are telling people to “be prepared” which sounds like good advice but I’m not sure exactly what we can do? Suggestions from a multitude of articles on the subject say things like stock-up on hand sanitizer and make plans to stay home for 14 days which all seem a little weak to me.

The federal government seems minimally engaged at this point as Trump is more concerned that negative news will tank the stock market and that could cost him votes in November. So the threat is being downplayed which has set off all kinds of alarms in my head. If Trump says it’s not bad then it’s probably already terrible and we’re facing viral Armageddon…

Despite having prepaid for a lot of Hamvention related activities, I’m going to wait and see how things look before deciding for certain to hangout in close contact with 30,000 radio enthusiasts from around the globe.