Winter Fades

It seems winter may be giving up and will soon flee to wherever it hides during these days of perpetual warming. We had some snow and a short cold snap in the final week of February, but now that March has arrived, the forecast for the next 7-10 days all show high temps in the 50’s (F). And if this spring is anything like last, we’ll be running the air-conditioning in a few weeks. We don’t really have spring here anymore, we leap right from winter into hot and muggy. I’m never pleased about these abrupt transitions, I enjoy cold and snowy weather, but the longer days and milder temps means I can get to work sooner on the antenna farm.

Being fully persuaded that Cycle 25 will be every bit as miserable as this current solar cycle, I suspect the low-bands are going to become our permanent home address so an Inverted-L antenna configuration seems a good choice. Given the arrangement of my lot, I’ll need to be creative with the ground radials, but I have a few ideas that should work. I enjoyed great results on multiple bands, including TopBand, with an “L” when we lived in North Carolina. Those tall pine trees made for great natural supports. Here, I’m going to have to install artificial supports, like the Rohn H50 telescoping mast.

Beyond the antenna work at home, the change in season should permit a return to field operations and I’m looking forward to that. I’ve no specific goals for this year, other than to get outside and take a radio every chance I get. We’re even planning some vacation time around travel to select State Parks and a lakefront cottage or two. It will also provide opportunity for portable antenna experimentation in the backyard.

That’s always enjoyable and the extra preparation makes work in the field a little easier.