I haven’t yet canceled my plans for Hamvention.

Having prepaid for much of the trip, I’m not anxious to toss in the towel too soon. If Hamvention were canceled I hope I would get most of what I’ve already paid back. And cancellation seems at least a possibility thanks to the Coronavirus. Some states have already banned public events with more than a thousand people. Large trade shows are being canceled or postponed around the globe.

The attendance last year in Xenia was reported at over 32,000 which, at a minimum, should put it on the disease control radar in Ohio. Air travel will be difficult, if not impossible, for those global radio enthusiasts, organization officials, and equipment vendors who make the annual trek to Dayton. Many others, like me, will doubtless skip this years event out of an abundance of caution. So even if the 2020 Hamvention takes place as planned, a much smaller crowd should be expected to attend.

Nothing has been announced by Hamvention officials. But with only 70 days to go before the big show kicks-off, any cancellation announcement should be made as soon as possible so plans can be adjusted accordingly.

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Thinking if we were in DARA’s shoes that a definitive decision would either be once imposed by either government edict, insurers expensive demands, or a drop in attendees (revenue starvation).

Calling it now is organizationally the highest risk choice – unless perhaps that a fallback date in Autumn could be set now?

Personally I hadn’t bought in, though if I had I wouldn’t pack until it was the night before, as my guess is our current situation won’t be sorted out enough in the ten weeks to show, and perhaps six weeks to final decision time.

Again my personal choice, but I have put off international and domestic travel until things settle down, and I am not doing any of the usual fun indoor concerts or lectures series.

Giving most group things a pass, call it my “social hiatus” but why add worry and needless exposure?

Coming back to Dayton and related activities like FDIM, one ponders if the coronavirus impact will fundamentally change the format of any future events?




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