Was it really just a week ago when I wrote I hadn’t yet canceled plans to attend Hamvention?

Shortly after I posted that there was an announcement from the organizers of that event that said only that they were monitoring the situation but that the big show remained a go. I suspect that may change over the next few weeks as events like these have been scuttled from coast-to-coast due to the spreading global pandemic. Hamvention creates a special kind of health risk given the average age of most radio amateurs. The CDC released the following this week:

Americans over 60 should stock up on food and medications and avoid venturing out as the coronavirus spreads

“Over 60” is a significant portion of licensed radio amateurs in these United States and it seems a little dicey to bring 30,000 high-risk people from around the globe together in a Petri dish called Xenia. I can’t imagine what sudden good news might appear over the next 60 days that would make this an acceptable risk? I seriously doubt the event can be re-scheduled for later in the year so it seems possible, maybe even likely, that after all these decades the Dayton Hamvention might not happen in 2020.

In the event that the show goes on, I wish them well, but have decided to sit this one out.

In fact, I’ve canceled all my plans to attend any ham radio events for the rest of this year. I’ll miss seeing friends and the fraternal camaraderie, but travel and hanging out with crowds simply doesn’t seem like a good idea in these days of COVID-19.

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As we’d shared, I had canceled any Hamvention plans earlier.

The link radioartisan provided lacks any corollary evidence of the usual “dem=smart/rep=dumb” media propaganda. Nor does it have a pinch of merit in one’s approach to Hamvention and/or preparedness.

Widely reading the take aways I’ve gained are:

Minimize your exposure if you can
Keep yourself as healthy as you can
Isolation works
If you take ill, call in to your medical people rather than going there
Cleanliness matters
Be prepared to weather a quarantine if you have to
Expect new information and treatments, so keep watching for updates

Where this puts a lot of choices is into a ROI (Return on Investment) sort of analysis. There isn’t a ROR – Return on Risk-Taking formal analysis, so you have to cogitate a lot of subjectives and use partial information.

Truly YMMV. Mine said “no go” earlier than many, but that is only my personal “best analysis.” Everyone will evaluate the risks against the rewards themselves, unless Hamvention is canceled.




The article doesn’t attempt to make a connection between politics and intelligence, it merely describes a trend between party affiliation and response to the virus. It’s no open secret that amateur radio in the US is dominated by conservatives. As such, we can probably expect the reactions to the virus among radio amateurs to be similar to what’s going on in conservative circles in the US.

The George Orwell quote is not in the article. Interpret that as you may. is a cogent explanation of why “social distancing” is important.

The reality is that 20, 40, or 60% of Americans will be exposed to the virus over the next 3 years. But timing is everything. If that exposure happens gradually, it’s good for everyone. But if the exposure is crammed into 12 months, it’s a disaster. I would add that if the rate of spread can be reduced, there is more time for the pharmaceutical companies to create a treatment and more time to develop a vaccine and then inoculate 250 million Americans.

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