Another beautiful day in the Heartland. It’s refreshingly cool this morning, 50F when I woke. Blue skies, sunshine, and breezy. I like it cool, but this is probably the last really cool day of the season. The 10-day forecast shows us headed up into the high 80s and low 90s next week and after that it will practically be July. We never get mornings like this in July and August so I enjoy this day outside before it ends.

My five favorite reads of the week:

  • AE5X details his recent propane conversion of Honda EU2000i generator. John’s blog is always best in class.

  • Conditions are right for Low Latitude Noctilucent Clouds to be seen in many US states. While that article was written last year, record-cold temperatures in the mesosphere this year are boosting NLC production, and they could soon be coming to a sky near you.

  • W2LJ’s local radio club participated in an unusual license testing session that wasn’t online though it did make use of a parking lot and analog broadcast FM radio. A Successful Day has the photos and details.

  • Portable power and field communications from the OH8STN blog. Interesting collection of ideas.

  • Amateur radio enthusiasts believe that any mention of our hobby by any other “outside” group or publication is something worth bragging about. We need confirmation that we’re all not nuts I suppose. So you can imagine the joy in Whoville when a recent Rockwell Collins brochure mentioned ham radio. Since it’s racing around hamdom, you might as well read it too.