The arrival of the summer solstice brought with it a spat of hot weather to the Heartland. 92F and humid here yesterday and the grass is already going dormant and brown in spots. Only good news from that is a short break from mowing and the days are getting shorter…

I managed to snag number 20 for the New Jersey QRP Skeeter Hunt event in August. New numbers are issued each year on a first come, first served basis in this one. Get your own number and all the details about this activity here.

Given that all my recent radio activity has been using the KX3 and a battery with temporary antennas, mostly in the backyard, my return to full-time QRP as a lifestyle seems complete.

It’s not like this unfamiliar territory, I’ve been actively involved in the low-power movement since 1995. But recent events demand a certain amount of introspection and Occums’s adage that “it is vain to do with more what can be done with less” seems oddly appropriate during these troubled times.