The date for a medical procedure has recently changed altering my plans for Field Day. I’m not certain if I’ll miss all or part of this weekend on the radio.

That didn’t prevent me from ordering a new 12v 9ah battery from Bioenno. I have one, but wanted to add another to make certain battery power would be available for the entire weekend. You can never have too many batteries ready to press into service.

I’ve also canceled plans for our vacation to Michigan next month. It certainly would be nice to enjoy some time on a sandy beach letting Lake Michigan work its magic. But I’m not convinced this current wave of social unrest has run its course and the last thing I want to do is wade into more of it hundreds of miles from our more easily defended home.

The Fourth of July seems like a fat target for knocking over more statues, looting, shooting, and general mayhem. When coupled with the recently noted virus flares around the country, staying home right now makes the most sense. Maybe we can get away for a few days in the autumn, or maybe not at all?