A new home-based company formed to develop modern-looking Morse keys, have successfully reached its funding goal through a Kickstarter campaign. The Spirit Morse Key design is inspired by the B-2 stealth bomber, with its dark, sleek lines.

Weighing in at a healthy 2lbs, the Spirit anchors firmly to the table with its silicon rubber feet, providing a stable experience even during enthusiastic keying. For those requiring even more stability, tapped threads are hidden under the feet to facilitate bolting the key to any surface.

The mono-block concept means that all parts are anchored firmly within the same solid metal block. There are no wooden parts to expand and contract with the seasons and no subassemblies to come loose. The key is just under 4 inches square and the top surface sits around 1.5” above the table top.

The output is found in the form of a standard 3.5mm stereo socket on the back, recessed to continue the smooth look. Suggested retail price of $275 US. More details here or call at 208-446-7906.