PE (Prince Edward Island) is a new section for Field Day. Is your logging software up to the challenge?

From Hackaday, Raspberry Pi Takes Control of Ham Radio.

A Brief History of Listening In on Police Radios.

On the 23rd of June 2020, the VHF path from Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa to the UK opened up again. The following stations in the UK and France reported D4VHF on FT8 on 144 MHz…

Sapphire Lane lost its signature radio antenna and tower this month when the neighborhood’s amateur radio operator, Lewis Rohrer, K0LEW signed off from his longtime hobby.

Amateur radio enthusiast KA1AAT still hamming it up after nearly 60 years.

G4FON has written a program entitled CW Contest Trainer and has made it available on his website.

ARRL continues to solicit paper logs of prominent DXpeditions or logs from stations and operators active from more rare locations from the 1950s through the 1980s, for inclusion in The DX Log Archive endowed by JA1BK.

The 23rd International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW), which usually takes place during the third weekend of August, has been moved to August 22-23rd. As of June 18th, there were 185 registered Light-house/Lightship stations listed. Find more details about this year’s event here.

RI1, ANTARCTICA. Alexander, RX3ABI, has bee active as RI1ANM from Mirny Station (AN-016) and will be there until early 2021. Activity will be limited to spare time on various HF bands, but it seems he likes mostly 40 and 20 meters FT8 between 0200-1530z. (via OPDX)