I wasn’t certain I would be home in time to participate in Field Day this year. As it turned out, I made it just in the nick of time to setup in the backyard with a wire aerial supported by a 31-foot pole and a single radial stretched across the lawn.

Using the KX3 it was a battery-powered, QRP operation. I had 117 contacts in 42 ARRL sections over about six hours. 114 of those were via CW, three of them SSB. The batteries ran out sooner than I wanted but it wasn’t really unexpected. I ordered another a week ago but it didn’t arrive in time.

The bands weren’t good but I’m not complaining. I was pleased with my results. I had a goal of 100 contacts so a little happy dance was in order. It was rough going in spots and often like pulling teeth. And I would have fallen far short had it not been for a nice little run on 20 and 15 on Sunday morning just before I bowed out.

I haven’t operated FD with a group for decades, it’s always the backyard for me. Seems like a more realistic “test” for being able to contact others in disparate areas should the need ever really arise. So I had to deal with the rain, humidity, mosquitos, in the backyard too. I had fun and was pleased enough with the results. Thanks for the Q’s!